Become a Balance Sheet Partner to your customers

The customer is the most important partner to the business. What does customer partnership really mean? Is it being able to solve shared problems and striving for brilliance in every communication? May be, but true customer partnership goes far beyond that. It is about caring for your customers, adding value to their business, enhancing their brand image and providing solutions at most effective cost.

True care comes not only from just talking and saying that we care. But it comes from your action and deed. Your talking will please customer momentarily but your action will last forever. You need to bring genuineness in your approach.

Adding value to customer’s business is crucial as it ensure long lasting relationship. Technology is proving to be a disruption for most businesses and changing the way business works. You need to keep pace with latest technology for innovation and to serve the need of your customers.

To earn customers’ loyalty, you need to be their brand ambassador. You need to talk to your network on all good things about the customers. However, if you find something not-so-good about your customers don’t talk behind their back. Instead, you need to talk to them directly in a nice manner. Believe me, customers always see thru your genuineness. They have means to know what you do behind their back.

You need to be conscious of customers’ cost pressure and their need to show better financial results and improved EPS (earning per share) quarter on quarter. You need to provide them maximum value at most optimum cost. You need to think long term before you decide on your price. You need to focus on innovation and value-add which will lead to higher margin to you as well as to your customers.

Once you are genuine, care for your customers’ brand and build trust, you gain their loyalty. Once you gain loyalty they value you as their Balance Sheet Partner. Any relationship which is built on trust and genuineness become everlasting and ensure more profitable business your way.

Last but not the least, if you take care of your customers, they will take care of your business.

Author: C M Sharma

Twitter: @CMSharmaG


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